Operations Policy and Procedures


  • The concrete industry is one of the most important and precise industries where the mix components are identified with high accuracy so as to obtain the required strengths and achieve safety.

    We weighs the components automatically with the usage of state of art scale and this process take place under the supervision of quality control and operation department as well to guarantee that no errors might occur in this stage.

    Whereas a team of trained technicians, operators and labors are working to facilitate all the production stages which are summarized as follows:

    First: Mixing Stage:

    We determine the weight of the concrete components according to the required strength. As the mixing process is performed automatically without interference of any human factor according to the required specification and the mixing duration necessary to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

    Second: Transportation Stage:

    The transportation process is performed through a fleet of modern truck mixers that are well equipped. Where they unload the homogeneous concrete mixture and deliver it to the sites together with sending a delivery note shows the quantity of the existing concrete in the mixer as well as the strength, customer data and information about the site and the project.
    The document is received by the client immediately upon arrival of the truck mixer to the site and the client has to sign on the document to confirm that the quantities had been received. And accordingly will be handed a copy for review. The client has the right to conduct the needed tests before pouring, for example the slump test, taking samples, strength test and any other required tests.

    Third: Pumping Stage:

    The pouring is performed by using modern pumps with various lengths according to the desired height. The pouring stage starts immediately after taking samples (cubes) through the site technicians to confirm the required quality and make the necessary tests at the site before pouring directly.
    The pouring plan vary from one project to another depending on its nature and height taking into consideration the safety factors for the operations staff and the existing labor during the pouring process.

    Fourth: The operating system:

    DAR CONCRETE uses automated and unified operating system in all batch plants helping to get accurate results for a concrete mixture and its tests.
    This system was purchased from the United Kingdom from one of the leading companies in batching and operating systems called “Command Alkon”, as this modern system helps in the progress of work in a convenient and accurate way to ensure effective results in terms of operations, sales and closing procedures.Moreover determine the operational efficiency and the workforce productivity.