Environment policy

 Environment policy :

DAR concrete and building materials is committed to the protection of the environment and enhancement from any pollution or harm and achieving the highest level of performance to maintain the environment. We believe in the importance of protecting the environment, people and looking forward to apply the best standards in all operations and meet and where feasible, exceed the expectations and requirements.

We also seek to enrich and develop this concept in the beliefs of everyone who works in DAR Concrete and building materials .we believe in the necessity of immediate reporting of any violations for the company rules and regulations.

We are committed to:

1. Comply with environmental legislation and relevant codes of practice

2. Protect effectively the environment (human - plant - animal) by performing our activities through the systematic identification of environmental aspects and impacts and reduce the environmental harm.

3. Identify and record wastes arising from our operation and minimizing and getting rid of them through a safe and healthy manner.

4. Improve and develop continuously everything related to environmental performance.

5. Follow-up on performance through periodic examination and ongoing administrative reviews.

6. Review the environment policy regularly to ensure ongoing suitability.

7. Cooperation of everyone to determine existing harm and work on recording and minimizing them or prevent them if possible.

As a condition of continued employment with DAR Concrete and building materials, all employees are directed and obliged to incorporate safety knowledge and good safety procedures into their everyday work performance, and to be aware of and follow all applicable safety rules and regulations.

This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability