Health and Safety policy

 Health and Safety policy :

DAR Concrete and building materials is aiming to provide safe working Environment so as to ensure the health and safety of its employees, visitors, clients, contractors and the public. The company focus on accident prevention and risk management by creating Zero Harm working environment and free of accidents, occupational injuries and diseases through the contribution and commitment of everyone to prevent harm and realizing the importance of safety in the workplace and abiding by health and safety standards, risk assessment and management as a key tool in the performance of each task.

And to fulfill our responsibility we must:

• Work with the slogan Zero accidents, ZERO harms, Zero injuries and occupational illness and maintaining DAR equipment and property, also everyone will be responsible of writing Near miss reports and sending them periodically.
• Follow-up on our H&S manual & and our objectives to be consistent with the laws and legislation of health and safety in the Arab Republic of Egypt and to measure those standards and goals, and compare them with the best practices.
• Review and update our operation and ongoing internal procedures to reach Zero Harm level in our workplace.
• Examine constantly our plants and provide them a Key performance indicators to measure progress and implementation of the highest standards of risk management.
• Provide information and guidance and continuous training for employees regarding safety and occupational health.

As a condition of continued employment with DAR Concrete and building materials, all employees are directed and obliged to incorporate safety knowledge and good safety procedures into their everyday work performance, and to be aware of and follow all applicable safety rules and regulations.
This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability.