• DAR CONCRETE is ​​committed to produce high-quality concrete and delivery on time. As well as the production and supply of a wide range of concrete products as per the customer's request.
  • We offer innovative solutions in the concrete industry and after-sales service, as well as technical support to achieve customer satisfaction
  • We strive to achieve the highest quality in various stages of production, from material selection, securing the supply chain to concrete mix design stage and till the accomplishment of the project.
  • For construction projects and major infrastructure, which require a dedicated and continuous supply quantities, DAR CONCRETE is well-equipped and able to install and manage mobile batch plants in the projects and construction sites to ensure the effective and rapid implementation.
  • DAR CONCRETE develop their products to cope with the local market and environmental variables through investment in training our staff on the latest new technology and innovative research in the concrete industry.
  • We are committed to the implementation of stringent policies at all levels within the company to ensure that all our processes comply with the Egyptian and International standards.
  • We are committed to the HSE policy that ensure we are working through a health, safety and environmental standards at each business unit.
  • All batch plants are equipped with the latest equipment, the state of art technology, our preventive maintenance and operational efficiency plan to ensure the maximum optimization and reach the highest production capacity.
  • DAR Concrete employs professional workers, trained employees and strictly apply international quality standards. Our team has the experience to ensure the transfer of knowledge among all employees and provide the highest levels of performance under stress.