At A Glance


DAR CONCRETE has been serving the Egyptian construction sector since 2010 under the Investment Law No. 8 of year 1997 with a total capital of 40 million EGP.

In a very short period, DAR CONCRETE succeeded to gain the confidence of the Egyptian market and has become a leading producer and supplier for innovative concrete solutions. DAR CONCRETE has become the best choice for experts.

DAR CONCRETE management and shareholders have an experience and clear vision in choosing the best calibers who contribute in providing the Egyptian market with its latest needs and requirements.

Now DAR CONCRETE has six batch plants that cover Greater Cairo which is considered the largest market for construction and witness a rapid growth.

These batch plants are located as follows:
Badr City Batch Plant
New Cairo Batch Plant
New Capital Batch Plant
New Opera House Batch Plant
Gardenia Batch Plant

The batch plants have an annual production capacity of 1200000 m3, as well as new 29 modern concrete mixers and 6 pumps.