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Early Strength Concrete

Early Strength Concrete is a special purpose concrete mix designed to accelerate the strength gaining properties of the hardened mix, It can achieve the desired strength in only 7 days, or even more acceleration to achieve it in 3 days if needed.

Why do you need the Early Strength Concrete?

1. Faster removal of concrete forms.

2. Less material needed for formworks to complet your project.

3. Reduced overall project costs.

4. Fast application of live loads (Pavement, Industrial floors, ..etc.) Watertight Concrete Utilizing the latest admixture technology, DAR watertight concrete gives confidence to all those involved in the construction project. Every good quality concrete will allow the passage of water through it as a function of capillarity, when there is water on one side of the structure and air on the other, the volume of capillary pores in the concrete mix is proportional to the water/cement ratio.

Where to use it?

- Reservoirs

- All underground applications

- Water tanks

- Dams

- Sewage treatment works

- Liquid storage tanks

- Basements

- Tunnels

- Underground car parks

- Plant rooms

- Archive storage areas

22 Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRCIt is now well established that one of the most important properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is its superior resistance to cracking and crack propagation. As a result of this ability to arrest cracks, fiber composites possess increased extensibility and tensile strength, both at first crack and at ultimate, particular under flexural loading; and the fibers are able to hold the matrix together even after extensive cracking. The net result of all these is to impart to the fiber composite pronounced post – cracking ductility which is unheard of in ordinary concrete. The transformation from a brittle to a ductile type of material would increase substantially the energy absorption characteristics of the fiber composite and its ability to withstand repeatedly applied, shock or impact loading.

Advantages of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete:

- Increased load bearing capacity of concrete

- Reduction of concrete slab thickness

- Increased durability

- Low maintenance costs

- Improved flexural properties

- Increased impact and abrasion resistance

- Even distribution of fibers throughout the concrete

Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)

Self‐compacting concrete (SCC) is a flowing concrete mixture that is able to consolidate under its own weight. The highly fluid nature of (SCC) makes it suitable for placing in difficult conditions and in sections with congested reinforcement. Use of SCC can also help minimize hearingrelated damages on the worksite that are induced by vibration of concrete. Another advantage of (SCC) is that the time required to place large sections is considerably reduced

Advantages of Self‐Compacting Concrete:

- Fast Flow Rate Even Through The Most Tangled Steel Mesh.

- Easier Placement.

- No Mechanical Vibrators Needed.

- Much Smoother Final Surface.


Fully equipped quality control laboratory:

· Compression Testing Machine 2000 KN ELE ADR 2000std

· Standard ASTM & ECP203-2007 sieves

· Drying Oven

· Air content pressure meter ELE 34-3265Air Entrainment Meter

· Precision balances

· Cubes mold 15*15*15 cm for concrete test

· Cubes mold 5*5*5 cm for cement test

· Slump cone set

· Curing tanks

· Flakiness and Elongation index Gauge

· Unit weight measure 10 Lit.

· Digital TDS Meter

· Vicat Apparatus of cement setting time

· Digital Thermometers

· Hydrometers



· DAR concrete started with the market's best quality concrete materials from approved local source and multi-national companies.

· DAR concrete quality assurance staff check the sources of the materials like quarries, crashers, factories and get manufacture test certificates .

· Visual inspection for each receiving load, checking delivery ticket and sampling according to DAR concrete Q.C. plan.

· Routine test according to concrete Q.C. plan performed to check the quality of receiving materials.

· Aggregate storage separates each size in suitable bins.

· Cement storage separate each type of cement storage is separated in suitable water proof silos.

· Additives storage separately each type in suitable weather tide tanks (Specially delivered by Additives Company).

· Water storage in underground isolated tank and chilled water at well isolated steel tank.


Testing Frequency

No. Test Dar Mix Lab External Lab Frequency Frequency

1 Batch Plant Calibration One Per Month One Per Year

2 Crushing Machine Calibration One Per Month One Per Year


1 Sieve analysis of fine and coarse

aggregate Two Per Week One Per 2 Months

2 Materials finer than sieve no. 200 Two Per Week One Per 2 Months

3 Specific gravity of fine and coarse aggregate. One Per Week One Per 2 Months

4 Absorption of fine and coarse aggregate. One Per Week One Per 2 Months

Unit weight of fine and coarse aggregate. One Per Week One Per 2 Months

Resistance to abrasion of coarse aggregate by use of Los Angeles machine One Per 2 Months

7 Clay lumps and friable particles in aggregate One Per 2 Months

8 Soundness of aggregate by use of sodium or magnesium sulphate One Per 2 Months

9 Sulphate content One Per 2 Months

10 Chloride content One Per 2 Months



Compressive strength of Hydraulic cement One Per 2 Months

2 Fineness of Portland cement One Per 2 Months

3 Autoclave expansion of Portland cement ( Soundness ) One Per 2 Months

4 Time of setting of hydraulic cement One Per 2 Months


1 Concrete mix design One Per 1 Year

2 Sulphate content One Per 1 Year

3 Chloride content One Per 1 Year



-DAR Concrete is committed to perform periodical tests for its equipment and devices and the scales used in production.

-DAR Concrete is also committed to perform testing of concrete to verify the consistency of production quality in batch plant and that tests are matching the standard specifications.

-DAR Concrete is committed to apply an accurate and continuous program of quality assurance to ensure the compliance of the performance of the produced concrete with the required standards regardless the date of production or place of pouring. at DAR Concrete we produce and sell concrete according to the standard specifications and deliver quality concrete to meet customer specifications and satisfaction to guarantee and customer loyalty.

-We select our raw material carefully through conducting the required tests for each raw material used, in correct production to ensure its quality and compliance with standard specifications in order to achieve highest quality and performance according to basic designs and customers’ requirements.

-The ready mix design is executed accurately according to the determined specifications by customer or consultant and concrete is tested to ensure the achievement of highest performance.

-Dar Concrete is committed to use the computer operation control program in the batch plant to achieve the highest accuracy levels in design mix through adjusting aggregate, cement, additives, and water contents and mixing time.


To be the concrete producer in markets of our operation in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


-Was established in 2010 under investment law no 8 for the year 1997 with a total capital of 40 Million Egyptian Pounds. DAR CONCRETE aims to cover major growing construction markets in the following areas: Badr City, 10th of Ramadan City, Shrouk City, New Heliopolis City and New Cairo.



To contribute to the modernization of the construction industry through developing production technology. providing the highest quality in both products and services. to preceed the expectations of our customers maximizing the value to our shareholders community and the surrounding environment.


At Dar concrete, we strive for excellence, always act to the best interest of our clients seeking efficient communication with all stakeholders thrive on learning and continuous skill development of our employee.

Dar Concrete is currently implementing several public and private construction projects. 
These projects depends mainly on using the ready mix concrete which contributes to the fast implementation of the projects
and deliver them before deadlines,
especially the national projects.
One of the most prominent projects implemented by Dar Concrete in the fifth settlement are: Mivida, Cairo Festival City, Uptown Cairo and Laila Compound
As well as the New administrative Capital projects: The Egyptian Opera House and Petrojet residential and infrastructure projects,
Also the 10th of Ramadan city Egy Pack factory.
In addition to the establishment of a new maintenance workshop for the first line of the metro in Kotsika as part of its development plan.

Nasr City